A few years ago my confidence was drastically knocked when I went skiing without any lessons and pushed myself too hard. It made skiing stressful and not fun. This year I booked 2 private lessons of 3 hours each to improve my confidence in skiing the steeper slopes. As soon as I met with Bruce, he was really friendly with a big smile on his face!

He asked a few questions about my ability and off we went. He made me feel at ease and we spent the first lesson working on technique and balance, it was like a lightbulb moment when it all clicked and I realised my flaws! He made tweaks to the lesson to make it easier for me and introduced drills to emphasise what he had taught me that day, he never made me feel silly or criticised my ability which helped build confidence. On my second lesson, we tried out what I had learnt the previous day and skied more challenging red slopes.

I can’t thank Bruce enough! There is such a fine line with confidence and he built mine back up at the start of the week which made the remainder of my time skiing really fun and because I felt confident in my ability, I was rejecting the easier slopes for more challenging ones.

I can’t thank Bruce enough!