Private Ski Lessons

Private Ski Lessons

Private Ski Lessons

Private Ski Lessons for adults and children in Méribel and Courchevel

Whether it’s first ski lessons for children, adults, coaching for teenagers, adventure guiding or simply ski guiding, Alpine Pros are the right private ski instructors and guides for you.

Experience the difference that bespoke private ski instruction, coaching and guiding will make to your skiing and overall holiday enjoyment, no matter what your level, you can always improve. You will achieve so much more with your valuable time, with priority on all lifts, whilst being with Alpine Pros.

Private ski instructor giving lesson to 2 adults

Why go private?

Private lessons will make skiing easier, more enjoyable and safer by:

  • Building confidence levels rapidly
  • Working at your pace
  • Ski with control and style
  • Eradicate bad habits
  • Learning new disciplines with increased technical progress
  • Focusing exclusively on you in order to achieve and hopefully exceed your goals
  • Video analysis

Alpine Pros offers private lessons, either one-to-one or as a private group.  Groups can consist of 6 adults of the same ability or 6 children of the same ability at no extra cost. We wouldn’t recommend mixed ability groups as we want everyone taught to get the most out of their private ski coaching.

What’s your ski level?

Level 1

This is my first time, or maybe I’ve had a taster. I’m learning how to stop, turn, take lifts and ski safely.

Level 2

I can snowplough turn competently on green runs.

Level 3

I’m comfortable on green and easy blue runs. I’m learning and advancing towards parallel turning.

Recommended Lessons

With  levels 1 – 3 we would recommend having blocks of morning or afternoon lessons, this give you the chance to rest before or after the lesson, allowing you the opportunity to practice what you have learnt or relax and enjoy a good lazy morning/afternoon letting the training sink in, either way is a winner in our books.

Level 4

I can already consistently perform basic parallel turns and feel happy on groomed red runs.

Level 5

I’m happy tackling all pistes in a confident parallel.

Level 6

I’m happy skiing everywhere parallel, and in varying conditions on or off-piste, steep or bumpy. I just want to get better.

Recommended Lessons

For those at level 4 – 6, we recommend you take full advantage of the fact you can ski almost all of the mountain. Picking up full days will give you the opportunity to rip around the 3 valleys, the largest ski area in the world. Making constant improvement to your skiing while being shown the hidden gems of the alps, and some of our favourite pistes.

Private Ski Lessons for Children

Private ski lessons are a great way to learn for children who either need that little bit of extra help getting started, learning at their own pace or the child who has out-grown ski-school and want to progress quickly. We will ensure that they don’t adopt bad skiing habits. Skiing with kids is our kind of fun! They will learn all about snow craft, and mountain awareness as well as the basic skills to progress. Private ski lessons for children are all about building confidence with a sense of fun and adventure before hitting the jumps in the park and pulling off some 360s!

Ski Lessons for toddlers and young children

There’s nothing more delightful than watching your little ones experience the exhilaration and joy of skiing. Starting early encourages long term confidence, balance and freedom. Some toddlers are ready and enthusiastic to have a go from age 3, especially if they already attend a creche/kindergarten. Alpine Pros will lay the grounding towards a good technique, but our main aim is to ensure their first experiences on the slopes are enjoyable and engaging. Children from the age of 7 progress faster with a private instructor than in a group lesson. Developing and improving the skiing technique or correcting wrong habits is also best done during a private lesson for children who are already experienced skiers.

Private teen ski lessons

If your teens would rather not be seen with their parents (and let’s face it, we’ve all been there!) or are already out-skiing them, then they have probably outgrown ski school and are up for a new challenge! We develop mountain safety with a serious dose of fun! More thrills, fewer spills: our specially tailored teenage coaching encourages youngsters to become independent on the mountain and to learn to evaluate and reduce risks, all while having great adventures!

Private Ski Lessons for Adults

Benefit from the personalised and focused tuition of a private ski lesson in a no stress, friendly environment. If ski school isn’t for you but you’re looking for longer-term development, towards professional qualifications or just starting out. We can help you to reach your goals.

We offer a range of adult ski lessons from complete beginner (Level 1) right up to Skills & Development and Freestyle Coaching. Lessons can be on or off-piste with whatever focus you choose. Learn to master that carve turn you’ve been hankering over or let us guide you on an off-piste adventure.

Take advantage of the advice and expertise of our professional ski instructors during a private lesson. We will quickly establish where you require help with your technical ability and work with you to rectify it, so you progress to hone and master your skis with confidence!

Book private ski lessons to:

  • to get started as a beginner
  • restore confidence in ability after an accident or injury
  • a have a refresher lesson for the start of your holiday
  • progress technical towards a specific goal
  • learn a new discipline
  • discover the ski area on all terrains or off-piste.

Benefit from a more focused approach, whether individual or in a small group of the same ability, private ski lessons will really boost performance and fast track your progression.


Adult Group Lessons

Adult group lessons are great value for money, and a brilliant way for solo travellers, a bunch of friends or couples to learn in a group environment with like-minded people. The group lessons are split out by ability and we will always try to move you to the appropriate group if we think you are better suited to another stage for your progression.

All group lessons will still include high quality personal feedback as you would with 1-2-1 private lessons and will also include video analysis where possible.

These group lessons offer a different way to make new friends and improve your skiing whilst having fun on the slopes.

Group lesson times and prices

  • Level 1 discovery lessons 14:00-16:00, Sunday – Friday or Monday – Friday
  • Level 2-3 explorer lessons 11:15-13:15, Sunday – Friday or Monday – Friday
  • Level 4-5-6 expeditions lessons. 9:00 -11:00 Sunday – Friday or Monday – Friday
  • If for any reason your level is not up to the group standard we will do our very best to move you to the appropriate group
  • Lesson times are subject to change
  • Maximum of 4 in a group
  • 12 hours of skiing over 6 sessions, Sunday to Friday, £300 P/P
  • 10 hours of skiing over 5 sessions, Monday to Friday, £250 P/P.

Please be sure or confident of your level (see above) if you are unsure of your level please contact us to assist you before booking lessons.


Adult group ski lessons in Méribel and Courchevel

Private Guiding – best runs and off-piste

Private guiding with Alpine Pros could be perfect for helping you to get the most from your precious time on the slopes, with each session specifically tailored to your needs. You will discover the best runs and off-piste terrain with your own fully qualified and experienced private instructor, who, with their extensive knowledge of the ski area in Méribel and Courchevel, will know where to go for the best snow conditions to match your expectations, weather conditions and skill levels, the perfect pistes, bumps, steeps and off-piste terrain will be there for you to enjoy and improve your skiing.

Off-Piste skiing

Whether you’re an intermediate or an expert, you may already have experienced the exhilaration of off-piste / backcountry skiing, if not we can guide you, get rid of the map and get ready for a challenge. The mountain environment is full of surprises and must be approached with caution and respect, Alpine Pros are off-piste specialists, highly trained with years of experience to minimize risk.

Full days

A full day with Alpine Pros gives the most flexibility to organise your time. We will come to your hotel, chalet or ski lift at a time to suit you. Starting early will make the most of the groomed runs, quieter pistes and the fresh snow. Your guide will be more than happy to advice and technical tips if asked, to improve control and style so that you can travel around the mountains with ease, improving on brake, skid, grip and carve for more confident and effective skiing. Along with the thrills, spills and epic turns, Alpine Pros can arrange or suggest the best lunch spots to make your day perfect. See more of the mountain, master new skills.


Alpine Pros giving private ski guiding
Bruce Crowley, private ski instructor skiing
Bruce Crowley, private ski instructor skiing with sun behind him
Bruce Crowley, private ski instructor skiing smiling with friend

Need a Private Ski Instructor?

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